Replacing Parts in a Dell Inpiron 530

Hello Everyone

My friend PC, a Dell Inspiron 530, died. While installing a printer with the front usb on the case, he saw a spark when connecting the cable and computer died. After a few test I would say Mother board and Power supplies are dead but as a very new builder I am not sure.

Tested the motherboard with a different PS that is installed in my old working pc, power goes on but nothing happens and fans are running like crazy like full spin really fast but no startt. With the old PS the fans are running at low-high-low-high at the same time the amber light on the mb is flashing. I have tested the HD is its working. So what would you guys think.

The old mother board was a 4XDDR2 and he would like to keep is 3 mb ram (2X1G 2X512MB) if possible. My friends a bit short on money so he cant change his PC atm. I had suggest him those parts if the MB and PS are done. What you guys think. If you have any suggestion or more testing please let me know.

I went with a new tower as I was afraid that the usb ports might have been fried? O and BTW the pcu is a core duo quad.

Sorry for the spelling english is not my first language.

Thank you
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  1. Sparks are never good. I believe that the mobo is toast, but I would first run one more test. Do a breadboard; basically build the system without the case.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Remove motherboard from the case, and place it on a non-conductive surface. A phonebook, cardboard, wood, are a few examples.

    2. Remove the RAM sticks, if not already done.

    3. Connect the original power supply unit to the motherboard, and don't forget about the CPU plug.

    4. Using a flathead screwdriver, or similar metal tool/object, touch the two power pins. If the motherboard isn't labeled with PWR_SW, you'll have to trace the power wires, from the case switch, to where they would connect to the motherboard.

    5. If you hear a series of beeps, then touch the power pins again to turn the system off. Install one RAM stick into any of the RAM slots on the motherboard. Repeat step 4, and connect the monitor to the motherboard.

    6. Repeat step 5 until you have either tried all RAM sticks in all slots, or until you get a display on the monitor.

    7. If step 6 is unsuccessful, repeat steps 1-6 with the power supply unit from your old PC.

    A word of caution, though, do not connect anything other than the RAM, the CPU, and the monitor. You don't want to cause more problems with an inefficient power supply unit.
  2. Thank you T_T

    Not sure about something, when I removes the MB from the case, I have removed / unpugged all RAM/DVD/HDD, I connected the 24 pins connector + the 4 pin CPU form the PS, nothing else is plugged but as soon as I plug the PS to the wall the power goes on and the MB is flashing amber.

    So I did not touch the PWR_SW to try to shut down the system, should I?

    Thank you.
  3. Plugging the Power Supply Unit into the motherboard provides passive power to the motherboard, this does not mean that the motherboard is powered on. With nothing but the CPU and heatsink connected to the motherboard, the only true indication that the motherboard is powered on would be the heatsink fan spinning. Is this what you see?

    If the motherboard is in fact powered on without using the PWR_SW pins, then try using the other PSU you mentioned. If the motherboard powers on again, by simply plugging it in, then there is another problem with the motherboard.
  4. Did the test with the other PSU same result except now amber light is steady and im sure CPU fan run faster she never did before its like wow really fast, MB wants to take off, actually it moves the MB when I power on the PSU.

    So I guess that means MB and PSU are really dead, any comments on the replacement parts.
  5. Are you hearing any beeps when the mobo is powered on? If not, I would conclude that the mobo is done for.

    Edit: That is of course, if there is a mobo speaker connected. If this mobo doesn't have one integrated, it may be a good idea to go and get one to find out if there are any beep errors.
  6. No beep, nothing except the amber light, either steady with the good PSU or flashing with the prolly default PSU. And where do i find a mobo speaker? But when the MB was connected to the case it was doing the exact same thing no beed and the case have speaker.
  7. Keep the good PSU connected. Install one stick of RAM into the slot nearest to the CPU. Turn on the power to the mobo by jumping the pins. If you don't get a display, turn off the power, and then move the RAM stick over one slot. I'm asking you to do this again because you did not mention what the results were, nor did you mention performing this step.

    And just in case you want to try Dell's online troubleshooting, follow this link:
  8. Took a while to answer.

    As soon as I connect the PSU CPU fans start at maximum speed, I have tried jumping the pins, I have followed the case power cable to where it connects on the MB, no difference.

    I have installed ram in all the slots one by one no beeb, no difference, fans goes on instant and run crazy.

    Notice something else, one part of the motherboard, like ugly heat sink in my opinion, becomes really hot after like 2-3 minutes.
  9. If you can't turn off the power by shorting the two pins mentioned previously, then you most likely have a problem with the mobo power circuit. The ugly heatsink you mentioned is probably for the northbridge.

    I'm fairly certain that your mobo needs replacing, but if you want to perform one last step, you can install a discrete video card. If you do install a video card, and the display appears on the monitor, then the problem is the integrated video chipset, which is controlled by the Northbridge.
  10. I have no video card I can try except my 5950, but no I wont try it on the defect mobo :-)

    I think I will order those to replace and upgrade the PC.
    The only things that goes in this PC is as follow

    Core 2 quad cpu
    DvD rom

    For a total of 133.84 with tax and shipping
    What you think?
  11. Just a couple of questions...

    1. Are you upgrading your RAM to the Kingston ValueRAM KVR1066D3N7K2/4, or replacing your current RAM for the Kingston?

    2. What are you building the system for?
  12. Hi T_T

    1- Replacing current Ram(ddr2), with new Mobo, since almost same price as just changing mobo, but at least he will get a bit better performance.

    2-Plain and simple internet/photo/music, no games beside web games. Very basic use of a PC. Really noneed of video cards or other hardware.
  13. Thread close, bought the peices machines works perfect now, not too bad upgrades for the prices
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