Quick question on motherboard...

what do you guys think of this motherboard?

just been having a dilemma on what motherboard to get for a gaming rig...
dont realy have a budget, just looking for best motherboard out there.

any comments or suggestiong is very much appreciated!

thank you!!
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  1. looks like a solid board, good IO and support for thunderbolt, since your not really on a budget, i would definitely recommend this board
  2. Do you really need 3 way SLI on a MB? I think this is kinda throwing money away. Don't get me wrong, it's an excellent board, but are you really going to use 3 way sli?
  3. abekl, you have a good point... lol but i didnt really have much of a budget to begin with. i was just looking for the "bang for the buck" motherboard, if you know what i mean. but you are right about having 3 video card slots for SLI, i doubt im ever going to run into that kind of a situation.

    thanks for your input :) i guess i can look for something less, and something that will better suit me with less money to be spent!
  4. Here is a much more sensible board with all the features you could need:
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