Thermaltake V3 Front Panel Problem

Hi, I'm major noob at computer stuff but, I wanted to add a intake fan to the front of my case. Basically I have to pry the front off, which requires painful effort, but in reviews they say its easy to remove. Am I doing this the wrong way? Can someone with the same case help me please.
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  1. I'm not familiar with that model, but some cases require you to remove the side panel(s) to access tabs on the side that you have to press in to release the front panel.
  2. I just built with this case last month. I would not classify front panel removal as "easy," I had to use a good amount of force. I'm actually surprised I didn't break a tab.

    If you remove the side panels, you can see metal prong tabs for the bottom of the front panel. You can pinch the prongs together as you pull on the bottom portion of the front panel to help get it free.

    The top portion just has tight fitting tabs. Just pull the panel out. Should be easier if you have the bottom section freed first.

    Just try to avoid any rotating force (flexing the panel upwards or downwards). Keep the pulling pressure perpendicular to the front panel as much as possible
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