Replaced motherboard but computer will still not turn on

hp dv6z -2100 entertainment laptop
VR970AV asus Motherboard
amd dual core M320
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4530 integrated

I apologize now if this question is in the wrong place or there is one answered already similar to this question answered, but I have been reading post for hours and days to try to figure out a solution. I am one of those poor souls who bought a hp dv6z 2100 laptop which is part of the series of overheating motherboard melting poorly engineered shams of a product.

It is well documented that the heat sink wont properly cool the processor and graphics chip in the motherboard and it burns up. I got a couple of warning saying that my battery needed to be replaced, but I brushed them off. About a week or two later I had my computer hooked up to my tv from HDMI port. It was well ventilated on a hard surface, but it overheated. I blew out the fan with some compressed air and it worked for a while so I figured problem solved.

Couple days later the computer shut down while installing a new program, then kept shutting down over and over again. I figured it was time to check the thermal paste on the 2 year old machine. The thermal tape that HP uses was completed melted off the processor and graphics card. I replaced paste with new and even did the well known copper shim fix. The computer still would only power on for a matter of seconds. After a couple of more tests the computer just quit even trying to boot. So now nothing when pressed the button.

I ordered a refurbed motherboard and used processor just in case the processor burned up too. I figured hey that's pretty much the whole computer that should fix it. Got it in last nite, installed new processor and new MB but when I tried to power on nothing. No attempt to boot, no beeps, no fan spin. I have found voltage from the power supply w/ a DMM so that's not the problem. I even found 3volts on the connector ribbon from the MB to the switch which I believe that is correct. I know some troubleshooting on desktops, but the laptop electrical troubleshooting is new to me. I am completely at a loss for ideas in which way to go from here....

Could the new refurbed Motherboard I bought from Hong Kong have been messed up too already. I am assuming it has been re-flowed to fix the same problem that many people have had w/ this model. or is there some deeper problem that I have no idea about??? Please Help.
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  1. I know I got a little rambly in the previous post heres the simplified version


    hp dv6z -2100 entertainment laptop
    VR970AV asus Motherboard
    amd dual core M320
    Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4530 integrated


    1 battery replacement notifications
    2 overheating watching movies thru hdmi
    3 blew air in heatsink fan
    4 more overheating and shutting off with 10 mins of use
    5 dissasembled saw melted thermal tape.
    6 cleaned fan replaced thernal tape pads with copper shims and ceramique2
    7 turned computer back on and it still overheated withing 10 mins. 8 Eventually pc shut off and would not come back on. no lights no beeps no fan spin

    9 ordered refurbed motherboard from Hong Kong and used processor

    10 installed new motherboard and new processor but no change. still no lights, no beeps, no attempt to spin fan

    11 Checked voltage from power supply and found to be correct. Checked voltage at power switch and found slightly damaged ribbon cable still had 3 volts.

    I have no more Ideas what to try and assumed that a new MB and processor would have definitely fixed this. Any suggestions???
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