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HI all I am trying to choose a video card to go with my system. Games I play are civ 5, metro 2033. cod: black ops, nfs. I can only play these games at a max resolution of 1440x900. I am currently looking at these 2 cards.

HD 6850 [...] id=0352682

GTX 465 [...] id=0348725

I am leaning towards the Diamond HD 6850 but I cant find any info on them. I know they were good back in the day but Im not sure how they are nowadays. I would like to max out the settings as much as possible.

My system specs are

AMD Phenom x2 560 with both extra cores unlocked
Asus M4A78LT-M LE motherboard
Thermaltake Dokker case
4 Gig crucial memory
PC Power & Cooling MKII 500 watt psu
500GB WD Blue
320GB WD Blue
Haans-g HW191D 19 inch monitor

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Hi Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry about the post in the other section. My motherboard recently died on me. It was old so I decided to do an upgrade on my whole system. Everything is new except the monitor and the 320 hard drive. How are the diamond cards any idea. Thanks for the help.
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