What Upgrades i do AMD OR INTEL?

Option 1.

Keep my LGA 775 and upgrade it to QUAD CORE and 4gb ram


Buy Quad Core from AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black edition 3.4ghz
Buy new Mobo AM3 with PCI-E 16x 2.0
Buy new DDR3 Memory??

Cause if you compare AMD IS CHEAP AND BANG FOR THE BUCK i think??

Heres my pc spec

Intel E5200 2.50ghz
ddr2 2gb
FSP 500watts with 36amps 12v+
1280 by 1024 LCD

Cause if you compare them they are same price?
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  1. What do you use the computer for? You should also consider the i3 2100 it should be a similar price.
  2. I use my pc for gaming.!
  3. If you are overclocking get the 955BE and also consider getting an AM3+ board for future upgrades. If you are not overclocking then the i3 2100 will give better performance for a similar price. Also you will not get a huge performance boost without upgrading the graphics card which may require a new PSU as well. I would not spend money getting a 775 Quad whatever though.
  4. Gaming rearly benefits from quad cores (mostly games dont use any more than 2 cores, so 2 cores+high GHZ beats quads normally).

    That beeing said, Your PC might not benefit much from a single upgrade in this case.
    What im trying to say is, you will see an improvement, but it will be very small, while waiting and buying a new system, might get you a huge jump.

    Id wait for bulldozer, since it "might" drop the prices on the sandy bridge -k versions.

    However if you do want to get an upgrade regardless, I would get a intel 1155 cheap mobo (make sure its a P/Z chipset, and thats about it), get a 2500-k and 4 gb of cheapest ddr3 1333MHZ ram you can find. f 2 expensive, downgrade the 2500-k to something cheaper.
    But really i dont advice any of that right now.
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