ASROCK Z77 Extreme4 and Hyper 212+ fan direction/fit

Hello all!

Just started assembling my new build - Extreme4, i5-3570k and Hyper 212+ (thanks microcenter!)

However when using the recommended 1 and 3 memory slots (g.skill sniper), the Hyper212+ fan will not fit (the fan rests against the memory module). Just to get everything up and running, I moved the fan to the other side of the cooler, but I don't know if this is the best for airflow in the long run (once the case is closed, etc.) Basically the cooler fan is pushing air across the cooler, but towards the front of the case.

Any advice here? Are there lower profile fans I could do a push/pull with? Or advice on how to get it to fit? THanks!
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  1. You can raise the fan on the cooler to not hit the ram, assuming your case isn't too thin. You could also just turn the fan around in your current config. You could also use slots 2 and 4 when you only have 2 sticks of ram, 1 and 3 isn't recommended really, it doesn't matter.
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