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hey guys i got the asrock 970 extreme 3 motherboard and 16gbs of corsair vengence 1866 ram. i forgot all about changing the fequency and went to do so as it sets it to auto which had it to 1333mhz. i changed it to 1866mhz and my system wouldnt start i tryed it at 1600mhz and boots up... ive looked on adia64 and cpuz and cant make heads or tails of it 1 part saying its 1333mhz another saying im running at 1600mhz and then theres apart that says extreme menory profile (in aida not bios) 1866mhz? what am i running at im guessing 1600mhz but why wont it go upto 1866 and start? cheers for help.....
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  1. have you tried just turning on XMP profile in the bios if the memory supports it?
  2. ive not seen anything in my bios that has that. heres a pic
  3. lol, wow, hit me on the head or something, you have an AMD, not Intel.

    have you manually set the timings to the ones listed on the side of the memory? if it set it to 1333mhz by default most of the time it will set the timings to something like 9-9-9-24. if you leave it at that, and set it to 1866 the timings are probably higher, make sure to double check that.

    EDIt - also make sure the voltage is set properly
  4. just tried timings and no joy unless im doing something wrong just dont seem to want to no.
  5. hmm, im going to assume they are 1.5V memory modules, are they reading as that in the BIOS?

    i have little experience with the AM3+ motherboards, so its safe to assume the 1866mhz is just an added option passed 1600mhz.

    if the timings are correctly set and the voltage is also manually set properly, im at a loss. have you tried just leaving two stick in and trying like that? you never know, it could be just one faulty dimm slot or ram stick.
  6. tried it all even one stick at a time. well i guess i leave it at 1600mhz just bit annoying knowing that they 1866mhz lol
  7. ya, i have 1866mhz as well corsair vengeance, the only way i can get them to that speed on my system is to overclock the base clock, in turn overclocking my CPU as well, both run fine overclocked, but I see minimal difference with the memory that high anyway so i just leave them at 1600mhz with lower timings
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