Help on 300$ Rig!!!

hi guys, i need a new rig as cheap as possible, i don't wanna play games at max details (medium is ok).........i already got a 1280x1024 monitor, keyboard, mouse, case, headphones, and a Nvidia GTS 250........oh and i'm not interested in SLI or CF configs neither OC.

MOBO: MSI 870A-G46 95$
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 113$
RAM: Corsair XMS3 2x2GB 1333 48$
PSU: Corsair CX430V2 45$

TOTAL: 301$

is this build good or can i still lower the price?

thanks in advance! :D
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  1. HDD, ODD, and OS?
  2. already got, just need mobo, cpu, ram and psu :)
  3. What are the power requirements on that GFX card? 450 might be skimping, might not.
  4. from the website:

    Maximum Graphics Card Power (W) 150 W
    Minimum Recommended System Power (W) 450 W
  5. Do you live near a microcenter? They have some killer CPU and MOBO deals for AMD and Intel. The AMD is much cheaper of course. I bought a AMD phenom 965 and MSI 880 MOBO for ~$150 after rebates. The MOBO doesn't have an upgrade path, but I essentially paid $20 for the MOBO, so who cares?!

    If you can't get to a microcenter, I'd go as follows-

    $99- (114-15 gift card)CPU is fine (get a $15 gift card from newegg is you order soon)
    $60- ASrock MOBO Not AM3+, but you want cheap, right?
    $29- 4gb corsair ram promo code EMCKDHJ32 =$10 off (will work fine for AMD)
    $35- PSU- corsair-

    $223- without an OS. If you are looking to save, use linux I guess. Otherwise, another $100 for windows 7 OS?

    If you have a microcenter you might be able to go a little cheaper yet with their CPU/MOBO bundles. If you have a HDD and optical drive but neglected to mention it, you get to save that cost as well!
    If you are a new customer to newegg I think they have a $10 discount promo for any item over $50 in your first order as well. Try to use newcustomer10 (against the MOBO I guess!) in the promo entry and see if you get that as well!

    Also, that GPU should be fine with the PSU I listed, but for a couple bucks more you can buy some peace of mind with a 500W PSU I'm sure.
  6. well I'll use some component from my old pc, and I already got the OS too (forgot to mention :P).......i just need to upgrade those components.....

    about the mobo, are you sure that it's compatible with the phenom x4?
  7. oh ok it's compatible ;) but if the ASRock M3A770DE really sucks, i think i'll go for the msi one xD
  8. i'd stay away from the cx430 v2 the v1 was good, but the v2 has been proven problematic, one of these would be a good choice:
  9. ?? isn't the v2 better than the v1? o.o i read that the v2 is 80+ certified while the v1 is not
  10. The one that ps3hacker suggested is also a fine choice.

    The MOBO I suggested doesn't suck in any way. Its a basic MOBO at a great price. No USB 3, no SATA 3, not AM3+, so not for future use. If you want to drop another $40+ on a MOBO that has more and does more, knock yourself out. There are lots of good boards for around a $100, but if you want a cheap solid MOBO this one I think is fine. The one bonus for this board is that is had 2 PCI-E 2.0 x16 slots so if you want to crossfire/SLI in the future you can.

    Another way to possibly save even more is to check out Newegg's combo deals. They have all sorts. PSU's and RAM, etc. Again, if you have a microcenter around you, I still think this will be the best option for a CPU/MOBO bundle though. Did you check out their website yet?

    I'll be interested to see what you decide on! Good luck!
  11. dagrot_04 said:
    ?? isn't the v2 better than the v1? o.o i read that the v2 is 80+ certified while the v1 is not

    the V2, does have better efficiency, BUT only under 30C, other than that, the V2 seems to have noise problems, and voltage fluctuation problems (which the V1 didn't), the build quality of the V2is also lower than that of the original V1 in order to lower prices.

    thought it would still work fine with your system, and not everyone has these problems with the CX430, its still definitely better than the generic PSUs out there.
  12. for ram,
    its latency is low and is equal to your current ram budget

    for mobo,
    its cheaper than your listed and since you are not intrested in xfir, it should be great.
    psu, its good
    heres another choice
    good luck
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