Adjusting Hitachi for watching movies

Hi all, =)

I'm trying to adjust my CML174 because when I watch movies with it it's too dark. Well here comes something I don't understand:

If I change ANY setting (either via monitor controls or via software nvidia drivers ) it affects to EVERYTHING BUT the movie. desktop, menus, icons, windows... everything changes, but the movie itself stays the same... How can this be possible? Why can't i adjust it?

btw: i use analog connection to my Geforce2MX video card.

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  1. I have an identical problem with a certain game (granted, not on a spanking Hitachi LCD, it's on a CRT).

    I'm of the impression that it's a WinXP thing, though I could of course be horribly, horribly wrong.

    It's waaaay too dark, and no matter what changes I make to settings I can never increase the brightness, yet every other single bit of software is fine.

    Why not manually adjust the monitor's brightness? Well, it's old and already at max!
  2. Well, I think I've solved this issue... I just installed the CML174 drivers under WinXP and it's all correct now =)
  3. What drivers?
  4. hello oskis,
    the ones here...
    (let us know if u appreciate any difference)
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