Processor and psu problem

I bought corsair gs700.
At start,my core 2 duo was on 2.8 ghz without any overclocking..Yesterday when i took a look at my operating frequency it was 1.73 instead of 2.8ghz.Because of this i am getting poor performance while playing gta 4..
Any fix :)
take a look at this screenshot

My specs

core 2 duo e7400 2.8 ghz
4 gb ram
sapphire radeon hd 5770
corsair gs 700 psu
nzxt guardian

As i am planing to buy i7 i need a fix for my psu......
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  1. if you have power saving features turned on in the bios the the cpu will downclock when not under load--use cpuz to see realtime cpu speed

    also you have a 32bit operating system so cant use all your memory
  2. With a 32-Bit OS and 4GB of RAM, the available limitation is usually between 3.25-3.75 GB; however, your available limit is 2.75 GB. Is your HD 5770 integrated into your mobo? If not, there is something else reserving your RAM, which can also cause your performance to decline.
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