How to clean the case and components?


Previously I have always been vacuumcleaning my case but recently I heard that by doing that you can damage the components due to static electricity. So now I need some good alternatives to how to cleaning my case and components.

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  1. can of compressed air. although i have never heard of anybody say they broke there pc cleaning it with a vacum due to static, suppose its a theory though
  2. Prepare :
    alcohol, thermal paste , brusher, tool, guide book maybe for reassembly cable coonection,
    BE CAREFUL when remove hardware in out case.
    Clean one by one use alcohol also vacum dust.
    Very easy clean empy case in out away. :)
  3. Be careful with small fans and the compressed air cans...I think I may have packed in a video card (ati X1600 pro) from, what I believe to be, spinning the little cooling fan too fast with the air... not sure, maybe a few of the experts heard of this before? Eitherway it worked when I took it out, and nothing I did after that got it working again. I built that computer also, so I don't believe it was "installation error".
  4. Unplug any fans before using air or a vacuum cleaner, spinning fans generate current, its not so much 'spinning the fans too fast' as spinning them at all whilst plugged into your mobo, take Ru's warning seriously :)
    Other than that, its pretty much as Heny has already said
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