Market Value of my i7-930 System

Just wondering what you all think this system could sell for. It's around a year old with light use, maybe 3 hours a day. I have the all of the parts and original boxes for the components.

Antec 300 Case (good condition- no scratches or dents, stock fans)
Antec Neo 550W PSU (Modular)
ASUS P6T Mainboard
Intel i7-930 CPU (retail, stock heatsink/fan, never been overclocked)
6 GB G-skill 1600 RAM (3x2GB)
XFX Geforce GT 240 Video Card (512MB DDR5)
Samsung F3 1000 GB Hard Drive (7200 RPM, 32MB Cache, 500GB/platter)
Samsung 22x DVD Burner

Thanks, yo!

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  1. 400-500 dollars
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