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I just recently purchased a Gateway DX4850-27e. Haven't purchased a computer in 6 years so all the new tech can be overwhelming. So because it only has integrated graphics, what is a middle end graphics card that you guys recommend? Would I need to upgrade the PSU too? It is at 300W right now. Will a 2 slot graphics card not work because of the obstruction of the other PCI slots?

PS - Not a hardcore gamer, so I don't need to run Crysis 1 on super high although it would be cool to.


Cynthia =D
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  1. if you want to keep it down to one slot this one will do well.....but you may wanna upgrade to 400 watt psu
  2. I don't think I need to spend more than $150 for a graphics card and $100ish for a PSU. So any help you guys and gals can provide is greatly appreciated.
  3. I would recommend this: - $150 after rebate

    It should take care all of your needs. Price + specs = steal...

    Chipset Manufacturer: AMD
    Core Clock: 820MHz (Std. 775MHz)
    Stream Processors: 960 Stream Processing Units
    Effective Memory Clock: 1050MHz (4.2Gbps) (Std. 1000MHz, 4.0Gbps)
    DirectX: DirectX 11
    OpenGL: OpenGL 4.1
    HDMI: 1 x HDMI
    DisplayPort: 1 x DisplayPort

  4. Hey again,

    I wanted to thank everyone for their input.

    I was planning on getting them however a friend pointed me towards these 2.


    I wanted to get your input. Would these work/fit in my computer? Do I need to worry about the power supply not having the right connector for the graphics card?


    Cynthia =]
  5. Yes, the 5830 is junk even for $110.
    The PSU is good, but no need to spend so much cash.
  6. Hey all,

    @ct1615: I'm still unsure if a 2 slot graphics card would fit. The computer is arriving tomorrow. From the looks of any Gateway DX model computer, a 2 slot graphics card looks like it could fit without any obstruction but I could be mistaken.

    What do you think?

    Seems like the PCI slot may or may not be in the way. But once I find out when I open the pc tomorrow, I'll either go with your suggestion with the Asus if it isn't obstructed or I will go with badtaylorx's recommendation if it will be.

    I, however, went ahead and bought the Thermaltake PSU because I could always use it in a later rig. [=

    Once again thanks everyone for the quick replies.

    Cynthia =D
  7. Hey,

    @ct1615: I'm sold =D I just bought it. Worse comes to worse, it doesn't fit and I can always return it and come back here to ask you guys for help again [=

    Thanks again everyone.

    Cynthia ^^"
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