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Hi all! :hello:
I recently built new system with i7 specs below. The GTX 260 has got 2 dvi port.I am planning to extend my display to my 32'' Samsung LCD at the living room. I should be able to control my system from living room for games, movies etc.I also have a personal video recorder for which also I need internet.

system at bedroom: :)
i7 860 , GTX 260, 8GBram, Linksys WAG200G (adsl modem+wireless router)

from here to

Living room: :)
Samsung 32'' LCD tv with vga, 4 hdmi, component and 2 composite inputs,
internet connectivity for
Mvix PVR (Digital video recorder + storage)

options I thought: :sweat:
- KVM wired/ wireless
- hdmi over cat5/cat5e extender - no mouse or keyboard
- powerline adapter from belkin or netgear
and complicated thought
- hdmi to ethernet converter for conversion + powerline adapter for extending + RF mouse and keyboard

distance between the 2 location is just 10 feet with 1 foot thick hollow blocks wall in between with no tunnel for cabling.

Kindly help me in preparing the sketch for networking and various components needed for setup. :bounce:
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  1. I am not sure how well HDMI over cat5/cat5e will work, especially over a power line cat5/cat5e. My guess is it wont work, or be crappy quality, or have a terrible lag.
    I would just make a tunnel for cables in the wall, and run a long HDMI cable to your TV, maybe even a USB cable so you can plug in a keyboard and mouse. (or receiver) for a wireless mouse and keyboard. And sound cable as well. DVI as far as i know doesn't do sound. Nvidia might have done something so sound works with a HDMI adapter, i would check in to it.
  2. There are KVM extenders with DVI. You'd have to get a separate HDMI extender as well. All in all pretty pricey.
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