No audio/video after reformatting Dell Dimension 3000

I recently purchased a used Dell Dimension 3000 w/ Windows XP and subsequently re-formatted the computer to remove any previous data. It seemed that the re-formatting had gone well but ....there were no sounds whatsoever! No computer system or alert sounds. No volume controls. I do not even get the woofer icon on the tool bar at the bottom! My system tells me I have all the proper drivers installed, and that all are functioning properly, but I still get get no sound via headphones or standalones. I have tried MANY online tool programs to no avail and I don't know where to turn! I am a working musician (vocalist) and most of my inspiration comes from music that can ONLY be found on the internet or in private collections. I am really a novice on the computer and I would appreciate any assistance in restoring my sound/video capabilities!

Can someone please help me solve my problem?

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  1. Goto Dell's web site and download and install their drivers. You should be able to look up the exact system.
  2. Hello,

    Go here:

    Click the down arrow for "Audio" and download the audio driver it shows. Once done downloading - you should be able to double click on it and install it.
  3. Marcus,
    For the record, the same Audio Driver that works on the DELL Dimension B110 worked for me on my Dimension 3000. If I remember correctly, there is no audio driver for XP for the Dimension 3000. Hope this helps if u still need the info...OR someone else on down the line.
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