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ATI 5770 and 6950 micro stuttering fix ( should work on all models )

Ok I have found a solution for a problem I was having with two recent builds with ATI cards micro stuttering. I will list the spects below for you and tell you what I did to fix the issue. I read a lot of forums and really found no help so I hope this helps somebody.

Build 1

i5 760 @ 3.9ghz
corsair 750TX
corsair H70
Asus p7p55d-e pro
Bitfenix Survivor case
Gskill Ripjaw DDR3 1600MHZ cas 7-8-7-24
sapphire 6950 shader unlock @ 950/1400
Seagate Momentus XT 500GB
Lite on BD ROM

Build 2

AMD x3 935 @ 2.9 GHZ stock
Corsair 600CX
Stock Cooling CPU
Biostar N63S3+
Gskill Ripjaw DDR3 1333 cas 9-9-9-24
Sapphire 5770 900/1250
WD caviar black 500Gb
Lite on BD ROM

List of things I tried to remove Micro stutter

* Remove Norton
* Remove Tuneup Utilties
* Catalyst 10.2-11.4RC using driver sweeper with each set of drivers
* underclocking GPU
* Trying different memory modulars
* reformat of primary drives
*overclocking cpu actually helped on the i5 760 build, but it still occurred just less often (did Not try and oc the X3)

Fix for me was NOT using HDMI audio from the graphics card. Solved the problem on both rigs. I tested headphones witch automatically changed my audio source to my front panel and played Black Ops for a few hrs no problems and I played Crysis 2 for several hours with no micro stutter. As to why overclocking help on the i5 I am not sure I will leave that up to a smarter guy then me to figure out. As for now seems ATI has issues with there drivers when it comes to HDMI audio support. I am not sure but I believe it just re routes your existing audio through the graphics card ending in some issue with the drivers though I am not an expert on this issue. I would imagine this fix will work on other cards though not tested, but the 5770 being an older card and the 6950 being newer I'd think so. Well this is what worked for me and I hope it helps others that encounter this issue.

Cheers Greg

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  1. Hey man! I had micro stuttering with my 5770, got a 6950 a couple years later (few months ago now) still had the stuttering. Can you quickly tell me how to completely disable/not use the HDMI audio of my video card? Because I've been trying to fix this for years!!! thanks.
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    Won't fix it in crossfire, though. My HDMI/DP audio drivers failed to install in 11 series drivers and the stutter continued.
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