Difference in Crucial RAM?

Hey guys, what is the difference of Crucial memory; more specifically, the Ballistic Tactial, Sport, etc.? I am fairly certain I want to stay with 1600MHz, but as for the rest, I am not sure.
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  1. Cas latency and the timings are different. I believe that the lower the CAS Lat, the higher the performance but i never spend a whole lot of money on RAM and could be wrong.
    Besides performance wise, looks like some of the tactical have LEDs....doesn't seem very cool to me, but maybe you like lights :D
  2. Well, I have a window in my case, so maybe it'll add a little ambiance lol. Have to pardon my ignorance, but which one is the CAS Lat?
  3. Well all the tacticals i've seen are at 8, then the rest are either 9 or 10. So the tacticals would perform the best.
  4. Oh ok, so you mean I should look out for (8-8-8-24) and whatnot?
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