Graphics card wont fit in comp?

So i just bought a new computer and I bought a Radeon 6950 Gpu. When I put the gpu in it won't fit. And by that I mean where the gpu would connect to the case and screw in , its pushing it up so the front of my graphics card doesn't go down into the slot all the way. I really don't know how to explain this that well but if anyone understands what I'm trying to say is there anything I can do to make it fit in?
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  1. Is it too long for it or it will not fit in the pcie slot?

    Your case may be too small or you have a MB with no PCIe slot. I hope it's just you case. If it's your case then get a bigger one.
  2. Its the case. It fits into the mb. Just the slots where you would see the gpu from the back of the case doesn't fit into it all the way. The case pushes that part up. Is there anything I can do to make it fit? The option to get a new case is out of the question atm.
  3. You will have to mod your case by cuting part of the hard drive cage out to make the card fit. That's likely the only way to do it with out geting a new case.
  4. What case and MB are you using? Go to youtube and check GPU instalation guides maybe you'll find something helpful.
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