Recommend me an NVIDIA GPU

Hi, I'm looking to get a new NVIDIA GPU.

My current CPU is a Q6600 overclocked.
My current GPU is a NVIDIA 9800 GTX, which will be demoted to another system (hence my decision to get a new card)

PSU: Corsair 620W

Memory: 4GB

Obviously my CPU is a tad dated so I don't want bottleneck - but I do want maximum performance from this rig long term.

Also, I would like the 'option' to go SLI.

Looking forward to your recommendations.
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  1. I would recommend a GTX 560. They are only a little over $200 on Newegg and will be a giant leap forward in terms of performance. I wouldn't recommend going any higher because of CPU bottlenecks, but I'm not an expert on that and maybe someone else could shed some light on that matter.
  2. +1 for a 560Ti. A nice step up from the 9800GTX and it will work well with the Q6600.
  3. I went ahead with the 560Ti, thanks for the recommendations. Can just about double my settings in Crysis (original) and runs like cream.
  4. idk if 560 will be bottlenecked, but it's a great card to go with, probably they are "a bit" over 200$ *213$ AR cheapest , 230$ AR 2. cheapest and then 250+*
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