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Intel HD Graphics 4000 on P8H61-M LE/ CSM motherboard?


Here's my system specs:

CPU- i5-3570k Ivy Bridge
RAM- Kingston hyperx ddr 3 8 GB
HDD- 500 gb WD
power supply- 500w
no graphics card yet

Now, I had to update the bios on this H61 motherboard to make it compatible with my Ivy Bridge CPU, and it runs great. There are no problems with the system, but under display settings it says I'm using a "standard VGA graphics adapter. Video playback is very choppy, and not indicative of what Intel HD 4000 advertises.

When I try to use intel's driver update utility, it simply scans my system forever and never identifies it.

Is it impossible to use Intel HD Graphics 4000 on my setup? The box for the mb mentions support for Intel HD 2000 and 3000, but I do not believe 4000 existed at the time. Any help appreciated.
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