Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 Temps?

Hello all I'm new to forums here :), and i have a question to ask u all but first let me provide some info. I have a Dell Latitude D620 that had a Core Duo T2300E I "hackintoshed" a while back and since then i dropped in a used T7200 that i bought on ebay a couple of days ago i never monitored the temps when it had the T2300E and now that it has the T7200 i started monitoring it im using Temperature Monitor for Mac and the Temps seem quite high. So my question is this: is 48-53 C idle temp high for this T7200 and when under max load using Handbrake to convert videos it reaches 83-90 C considered normal?

Ps I also made sure i spread the thermal paste evenly and secured the heatsink properly. And also for some reason i don't think that Temp Monitor is very trustworthy because sometimes temps go from 49-70 in about a second when i open up the keyboard compartment i touch the heatsink and i can leave my finger resting there for about 30sec before i feel it burn me.Sorry for the long description
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  1. someone please help i've had it running for 12+ hours and nothing has happened so far the temp hasn't gone past 90 C..what should i do is this normal?
  2. Did you do a BIOS update before the upgrade? Thermal paste seems to be working fine but are all your fans running?
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