Corsair CX430 V2

Hello there guys,

I am looking to build a new system some time soon and was wondering if this psu would be enough for my planed phenom II 965 with radeon hd 6770 or maybe 6790. If no what else could you recommend? I am currently in UK and from whatever I could find this looks like the best quality/cost option.
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  1. you will be ok with it... go for any one card u like...
  2. It's enough for what you want. Its cheap and reliable with good quality parts for its price. Don't go crazy overclocking or anything and you'll be fine.
  3. thanks for the answers
  4. Quote:
    any one card is not accurate.
    you will be fine with anything up to a 6790 (AMD)
    or a gtx 550Ti (nvidia)
    anything else i would suggest a 600watt or more psu.

    Actually it can run up to a GTX 560ti with an i7-920 or a AMD HD6870 + a i7-920 just fine. How do i know? That's my backup PSU i keep in my dads PC and i put the CX430 V2
    and Antec EA430D in budget pc's i build for friends....

    Anyways to OP. No problem and feel free to ask any questions when you have trouble. (also feel free to mark best answer)
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