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Hello community!

So i got this problem thats called screen flickering. Anyhow, today after ive started my PC, the screen started flickering from time to time. So i googled for problem, most solutions are because of screen refresh rate, wich has been unchanged since i have this pc(75Hz). I also tried updating my ATI drivers to 11.3, no change. I think the problem occured because yesterday i have attached additonal monitor to my system. It also has 75hz refresh rate, but ive deattached it after 2h of use and 2h before i shut down my PC. Another solution was talking about TMM wich is a Microsoft task for multi monitoring. Also ive disabled that via regedit. The screen flickers mostly with animations, like change of background picture (im using win7). While writing this thread, the screen has not flickered even once. Ill get back to you when i try a game or two. In the mean time pls write any solutions?

Tnx forum!
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  1. Flicker occurs also during the gameplay of Black Ops. Will try to revert to the point before i attached another monitor.
  2. System restore worked, screen is no longer flickering o.0
    Any idea what might have caused it?
  3. Did you have any updates that were installed to your computer during the time you were using multiple monitors?
  4. Dont think so...
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