Please help me choose a motherboard

I am about to build a computer. I am getting an i7 3770K and I am cannot decide between these 2 motherboards.
I know that the H77 only supports overclocking of an unlocked processor, and this is an unlocked processor. The H77 has 4 Sata 3 and 4 sata 2, the Z77 has 2 sata 3, and the H77 supports Lucid Virtual MVP.
The main thing that concerns me is whether or not I will be able to overclock with the H77 at all.
Any input would be appreciated, Thanks.
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  1. Out of those two, its BIOSTAR TZ77B LGA 1155.

    But why not get this one? -> ASRock Z77 Pro3
  2. Thanks for the input, but I would like to know if I can overclock with the Asrock H77 at all. Thanks
  3. H77 is a non overclockable chipset.

    Forget any OC with that.
  4. Get a Z77 board instead of an H77 board if overclocking is intended.
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