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I'm planning on building a new computer soon with an intel i5 2500k cpu and an nvidia gtx 560 ti neither of which is very cheap which brings me to my question. I haven't used newegg before for buying parts but does anyone know when if any they have big blowout sales? For instance i usually wait to buy things like games on steam because i know they have a few huge sales every year. Does newegg have similar sales that would be significant enough to justify putting my build off for a while or is it all small stuff? Thanks in advance if anyone knows.
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  1. Newegg End of Summer Blowout Sale

    Hopefully this link works for you, sign up for the e-blaster newsletter and their shell shocker deals!

    Also check and tiger direct for sales and lower prices, and don't forget if you have a micro center near you, you might be able to save a lot on the CPU & Motherboard if you use them - in store!

    This is my take on parts shopping (just finished a new build last week):

    Newegg : Best for everything you need for a new build, but might be slghtly pricier than amazon and also you might have shipping costs to consider.

    Amazon: If you have prime, well you are in luck, free 2-day shipping and they are much more reliable than any other online retailers, also returns are much easier and hazzle free! (I'm a fan of their return policy!)

    Micro-center: If you have one near you, they will have great deals on core components and other stuff from time to time, actually they have a monthly special catalog, if you find what you want in it (I did find my CPU & MoBo combined for at least $70 less than what I could find anywhere online), then you will save quite a bundle!

    All the best!
  2. Aloha
    Newegg has sales for sure, all the time.
    also when you purchase items please look for the combo deals on the page after you add to cart.

    I use newegg almost exclusively because i get free two day ups shipping on almost everything.
    usually shipping to Hawaii is quite expensive but you should check out my affilate link for shoprunner and sign up for free 30 day trial then cancel before they charge you.

    I kept my account because i use it all the time.
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