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Comparing RAM

So, I'm looking to buy some RAM, but I've got some questions that I haven't been able to find a solid answer to.

1) Is there a noticeable performance difference between using 2 pairs of dual channel vs a quad channel kit on a dual channel board? (Assuming all the specs are the same, for argument's sake) I've read that if you try to use a quad kit on a dual board, it will work, but operate in dual mode. (But what's really the difference?)

Also, I've read on other threads here that "quad channel boards" don't really exist, and I've yet to find any on newegg that are listed as anything other than "dual channel" (Looking at AMD boards, which is what I'll be using). So what's the deal? Let's say I use one of these:

Would 4 of these work exactly the same as the following item? (since they are exactly the same, as far as I can tell, except the first isn't listed as dual channel):

2) Which is more important, cas latency / timing, or speed? Considering the following two items, which would be better based on the specs mentioned?

Furthermore, considering that the board will likely be "dual channel", would it be better to use something like this, since it is dual channel by default (whereas the above two items are quad channel)?:

Sorry for being so long-winded, it's just been bothering the hell outta me that I haven't been able to find a concrete explanation :)
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    1 quad channel is just tested and only operates in LGA2011, it will run fine in a dual channel board. It is guarantied to be 4 identical modules. (they used to call them dual channel kits before release of LGA2011).
    2 I would get the 1600MHz kit and this one instead of the one you linked The ram will run at tighter latency if at 1333MHz similar to the other kit.
    The last question a kit of 4 matching ones is what you need whether they are called Quad or dual, it is the motherboard that decides the channels.
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  3. Thanks for the good advice, and the quick response. That clears things up!
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