Computer shows no signs of power at all

My computer shows no signs of power at all not a single fan or led light will come on. At first I thought it my PSU because it was only 500w so I got a 850w but still no signs of power

Here are my specs

AMD quad core phenom 2 black edition
Diablotech 850w PSU
ASUS Motherboard M4A88 evo
8gb of RAM
Segate 1Tb HDD
ASUS cd dvd drive
HIS 4670 video card
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  1. Breadbuild your system, perhaps you have a short circuit somewhere.
  2. - Check the AC power connection to the PSU, or you try to place the other room
    - As T-T Said rebuild again. or can you remove all hardware out of the Case. it's good idea .. agree and agree try in out Case
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