GTX 460M vs HD 6970

Hello gents. I've got a question here which one would be better?
Single 1.5GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M
Single 1GB GDDR5 ATI Radeon HD 6970

Paired along with i7-2720QM and 8Gb-DDR3 ram. If that's any relevance.

Some benchmarks rated it both ways, so I'm not sure. I think 6970 should be better as it is newer, but not sure, since it's got less total memory.
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  1. well funny thing, it only looks better if you only looking at performance on ultra, while at low settings nVidia comes out ahead of ATI. Wonder why is that...?
  2. it has always been like this LOL :D, but seriosly, do you mind why is AMD better than nVidia on ultra? it's because of more power on the card and i think as ultra they also take AA *AMD cards are better in antialiasing than nVidia*, imo 6970 is better
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