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Hey guys and girls,

Whenever I play Battlefield BC2, after about half an hour the whole system locks up. I originally had my Phenom II 955 running at 4ghz, and thought that was the problem. So i dropped it to 3.6 and it still locked up. Ran everything stock, absolutely everything, and it STILL locks up. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game multiple times and it still does it. This is online of course.

Phenom II 955 now at stock
4gb DDR3 kingston 1333
WD caviar Black 750gb
Gigabyte UD5 890fx
HIS radeon 6950 1gb

Any suggestions as to whats going on?

Cheers, TimmyBazza
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  1. - ran in stock speed and Clear Cmos will perfect system
    - sure Temperature CPU/GPU fine, everything hardware OK !
    - RAM no error / clear with memtes86+
    - uninsall driver VGA and Sound reinstall / try use original driver
    - GPU clocks at default specs raise speed fan GPU Fan
    - uninstall BC2 and then Reinstall and Updating BC2 to the latest patch available / or different Patch
    - turning off AV during game play, Turning of all update beckground
    Good luck brother ! enjoy play Game
  2. ive cleared the CMOS, and ive been using a custom fan profile ever since i built the system so the card doesnt go over 65 degrees. The ram is fine and ive already uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Im downloading the newest Catalyst driver (11.8) and am gonna see if that helps. BTW cpu temps never go over 50 so im sure thats fine.
  3. yep your temp seem, all fine :)
  4. ok so i updated to 11.8, still locking up :( i rejigged and took out a hard drive that isnt being used. Dont know if that will help so im just gonna have to find out
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