RAM selection help please??

Currently selecting components for a new build... parts so far:

- ASROCK z77 Extreme
- i7-2600k

The build will be doing CPU intensive rendering work.

I'll be overclocking the CPU to roughly 4.5Ghz

I'm not clued up on RAM, i.e. timings/overclocking etc.

It's been suggested to go for g.skills, 1600mhz, voltage 1.5v or lower, 4x4gb or 2x8gb.
Are these suggestions best?

Basically I need some good solid advice and suggestions on what to buy...

- Are g.skills the way to go?
- Is 2x8gb sensible over 4x4gb (i.e is it more stable? leaves room for expansion to 32gb)
- whats the difference between getting g.skill/corsair/kingston etc?

Thanks in advance.
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More about selection please
  1. Some advice on this would be much appreciated???

    Also, from reading a few articles it appears that buying a 2x8Gb kit now, then a separate 2x8Gb kit...say a year later...is a bad idea as they weren't tested as a complete kit.......how true is this and is it worth the risk...I cant really afford 32gb now...but would hate to buy 4x4Gb just to end up them going to waste when I want to get to 32gb.

    Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    This is a good start, however I was looking for a more detailed explanation...

    An actual reccomendation of RAM would be great,

    But also...
    Is g.skill the only ones worth getting?
    Exactly what is the deal with the timings?? Does that mean for instance a set with 9-9-9 wouldnt work or 10-10-10-3??
    Is it true that if i were to buy another 2-8gb later on that they wouldn't be compatible?
  3. Not saying that it won't be compatible but it won't work as well. You usually try to keep all the speeds and timings the same for best performance. Tom's Hardware did give the G. Skill Ripjaws X some kind of recommendation over kingston, super talent and some other brand.
  4. UK...newegg is ok as I think most items are available at least somewhere...i.e Ebay as a last resort.

    Sorry I didn't mean pairing a 9-9-9 with a 10-10-10, i meant you specified 9-9-9-24, but I see some products that are 9-9-9-10, 10-10-10, 10-10-10-30...are these a no go.

    Sorry for the naiveity ...
  5. Yes I've been looking at the ripjaws x...


    I guess from malmentals' comment he's saying....

    the latter...however it is 9-9-9 (no -24)
  6. Top work...thanks.. Looks like it will be the 16gb g.skills then.

    Thanks again for your help.
  7. Quote:
    not the top...

    :D Thanks
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