MSI-770 showing Hyper Transport Sync Flood Error

Hi guys,

in the past week all of a sudden i have been getting this weird message popping up after my computer randomly shuts off showing my motherboard screen with a error called hyper transport sync flood error. I have no clue what that is nor have i ever heard of that. When i go to look it up what it is and i get alot of things about overclocking issues. I do not have this system overclocked. I am just beginning to wonder if my motherboard or cpu is starting to fail all of a sudden. My build is maybe 2 years old now. Any idea what in the world is causing this?

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CPU: AMD Phenom ll X2 555 3.2ghz
Motherboard: MSI-770 G45
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 240GT
RAM: 2 (2GB) Giel DDR3 1600
2(4GB) GSkill Ripjaw DDR3 1600
PSU: Corsair CX430W
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  1. I have seen this related to ram as well, try running with just one set in.
  2. i had called MSI and they told me to get a updated bios, reset the CMOS and check the CPU for any pins messed up. my heat sink compound was really dried up so i gave that a new coat to see what happens. been hearing mix relations from either my motherboard, CPU or RAM. i do believe i have my overclock switches on the motherboard itself are on but i don't ever see my mhz run higher than 3200 though. just easy overclock switch my motherboard supports
  3. What I see is a mismatch of ram therefore I suggest running it with one set installed.
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