New Build Won't POST - What do you typically RMA? CPU or MOBO?

I have two simultaneous Sandy Bridge i5 builds going on using some identical parts; some similar. Anyways, mine is up and running great. The other one...not so much. I can't even get it past initial breadboarding and get it to beep at me. Upon shorting across the power pins, it clicks on, the CPU fan and PS fan spin for maybe a second, and then it shuts off. I have followed all the steps in the online troubleshooting thread on this as well.

The goods:

Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3
G.SKILL 8GB (4GB x2) DDR3-1066
Corsair CX500

I tried the power supply from the other build and got the same results. Since I have the other build together and working, I didn't know if it's a good idea to unseat the CPU (i5-2500K) from it and play musical chairs and see if anything happens. Thoughts?

And what's more likely to be DOA and need to be RMA'd these days: an Intel CPU or a motherboard? Thanks!
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  1. Well before you go running around and RMAing, you need to be totally sure that it's an issue with the part. Things get real easy since you have interchangeable parts.

    I assume you already ran through our standard Won't post checklist? If not, here's the link.

    Run through that, see what turns up. It could be a number of things. Hard to say without more testing.
  2. So I swapped in the i5 from the working build and got the same result. This with only:

    CPU + MOBO + PS + Speaker.
  3. Well, if you've tried with a different PS, and a different CPU, I'd say you've got it pretty well narrowed down!

    As long as you have the processor out of the working build, try the CPU in question in it. That way you can be sure.
  4. was the motherboard. Got the new one in from Newegg. Good as gold.
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