[New Build] How should i do this?

Hey guys just a pre thanks for your input and help!

Im planning on upgrading soon and have been doing some research, research that is making me question my original plan. About a year ago i bought a radeon 5770 with plans to do a complete new build and just buy another 5770 and run them in crossfire.

however i have seen many things sometimes one much better gpu is better than 2 inferior ones? say the 6950. would it be worth it to go ahead and buy a 6950 instead of just run 2 5770? also i hear intel is better than amd at running Xfire but then i see builds that run a 955BE with 2 gpu's (better than what im planning on running) with an amd.

All in all i thought i knew what i wanted to do but now im in doubt, and that is why i ask for your help! will i get much much better performance with a 6950? or maybe a card similar? or is it very beneficial for me now to just buy another 5770? and what cpu is best? or what combo is best?

also i am building this comp to be able to play bf3 gw2 swtor, i figure if the build can run bf3 ill be good.
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  1. Well buddy, sounds like you have a conundrum. Could you list you system specs, and how much you are willing to spend on an upgrade?

    But the first thing I will sat is 6950 will SMOKE 5770x2. A 6870 is closer in performance.

    If you list your system specs, I'll help you out.

    Cheers, Striker.
  2. The answers to your questions depend on a bunch of different factors. If you fill this in:


    I'll be able to make a sound recommendation! (I hope)
  3. specs i was thinking
    - i already have a case and
    a corsair 650TX got a good deal +
    a 955 be
    2x 5770
    and one of the new 890FX gigabyte boards with xfire and am3+ support
    insert basic 4g of ram
    i really dont know at this point =(

    basically im just caught up in whats the best use of my money let put it this way on the board, gpu, cpu i want to get the best bang for buck with 400 ( which is enough to get a 955 be my second 5770, and a solid board. idk if it would be better to do something else ty for the help
  4. That post is a little cluttered. Could you divide what you own from what you are looking at?
  5. Approximate Purchase Date: this week or next ill get rest of parts

    Budget Range: 500-600 for the rest already have above

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, surfing, and i do watch quite a bit of movies and listen to music

    Parts Not Required: GPU*** (already have 5770), RAM*** have 4g ddr2 1066, cooler master storm scout, corsair 650TX 650w power supply dont need any peripherals or display.

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg.com

    Country of Origin: US

    Parts Preferences: best bang for buck

    Overclocking: Yes / Maybe

    SLI or Crossfire: Yes / No / Maybe

    Monitor Resolution: 1680x1050, 1920x1080

    sorry im not a forum guru haha
  6. Ahh ok. Scrap the DDR2, no use. We can use the other stuff.

    I'm gonna say try and sell the 5770, as you can afford much better with your budget. Maybe even a i5-2400 and 6950? I'll get to pricing it. I'll have an answer for you tonight or tomorrow.
  7. alright thanks, that is one of the things i was thinking is if an intel+ single card was just a much better idea. ty and ttyl
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