Better Card for Worse Case? [GTX 460]

So, for my new computer I have 2 choices, I could get the GTX 550ti 1GB and get either the Xigmatek Asgard (One fan) or the Zalman Z7(3 Fans)/Z9(Four Fans, temp display, fan control) Plus, or get the GTX 460 and get a "Standard Piano black ATX case"(No fans), I was wondering if this would make a difference when I sue the 460, and if it will overheat easily, which choice do you think I should take?

I can add Image cases if you like?

~Post, thanks in advance for any replies.
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  1. Oh, and these are my only two choices, GTX 550 ti and Zalman case, or the GTX 460 and The "Piano Black case"(No fans), thats my two choices, not considering others, I'm wondering if it will affect it a lot.
  2. A case with no fans? That really doesn't seem right. If that's so you will want to add a fan no matter what card you get.
  3. You'll need at least one front intake fan 120mm or larger AND one rear exhaust fan 120mm or larger..... Or, you're going to have temperature issues with a gaming system......

    The GTX 460's are going for a good price right now; this card matches a GTX 470 at factory OC of 810Mhz. But, you can easily do your own OC into the 900Mhz range (I run 910Mhz...)

  4. Remember, you can always add a case fan later for $10-20. Go with the faster card, you wont be dissapointed.
  5. CoolMaster R4 fans (sickle flow) are really cheap and quiet. You can get them for $5 or so if you look around.
  6. I'm in the UK, also, the system is semi-prebuilt, It's a choose-your-parts-and-we-build-it.

    So your saying I should go with the GTX 550 ti and get the case with 4 fans?
  7. For prebuilt computers in general I recommend buying one with no video card at all then adding it yourself afterwards. It's easy to install a card and it will almost always save you money. Just make sure the system comes with an appropriate power supply for whatever card you plan on using.
  8. The thing is, the max I can downgrade the Video card to is the the GT 220, and that doesn't decrease the price enough for em to buy a separate GPU. Those are my 2 choices.
    With upgraded CPU to 500W Xigmatek, GPU to GTX 550ti, CPU to Athlon x4 640, and case to Zalman Z7 Plus (Z9 seems to flashy for me.)
  9. Why not build yourself?
    It is easier than it sounds.
    jyjjy; I haven't seen you for a while, where have you been?
  10. Just been too busy lately to spend much time on the computer lately.
  11. I know its easier than it sounds, but believe it or not, its only £2 cheaper to build it myself, as I stated previously, those are my only two choices, I know I may seem stubborn, but this is all I can do.
  12. What resolution monitor will you be using?
  13. 720p, or maybe 1680 * 1050.

    Rest of Specs :

    CPU : Athlon 640 AM3 Quad Core

    RAM : 4GB DDR3 1333mhz (2X2GB)

    PSU : 500W Xigmatek (NPR-VC503)

    Hard Drive(s) : 500GB 7200Rpm HDD

    OS : Windows 7 Home Premium

    GPU : Either GTX 550ti or HD 5830.
  14. You should stick with the GTX 460.

    GTX 460 :336 Shader cores
    GTX 550 :192 Shader cores.
  15. Does a case need to have Fan mounts for me to add fans?
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    Yes, it needs to have spots for the fans but FYI I highly doubt the standard case in the link you provided doesn't actually have any fans. It just doesn't bother to list such. It would be impressively irresponsible for them to sell computers with no case fans.
  17. Hm, I could get a different one, same case, but instead of the GTX 460 I could get the HD 6850?

    So I should get that case, but what if it doesn't have case fans?
  18. The HD6850 and GTX 460 1gb are basically equal in performance so that's fine. Like I said I highly doubt it doesn't have fans but you can call them to make certain if you want to.
  19. Okay, thanks again.
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