How to connect 2 wires to 3 pin plug


I have a 240 water pump that has overseas plug attached, I cut the plug off and bought a brand new 3 pin plug to attach to pump, I now notice that there are only 2 wires coming out of the pump, can I use this plug on this pump and if so how do I wire it.


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  1. Are the wires colour coded? If so Brown = Live (L) and Blue = Neutral (N).
    With the pins facing away from you N = Left and L = Right.

    Otherwise:-- pump will only operate properly in ONE direction. You will have to test this with a basin filled with water. You will be looking for a strong jet of water coming from EITHER ONE of the two one ports.
    So connecting it up to the power you can determine which way the wires is supposed to go
  2. Is this a Pump for water cooling the rig?
    Check to see the Processors Stock fan contacts (Color Coded Cable) and connect it the same way.
    Or then is it an Industrial or Car pump?
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