6950 Twin Frozr II vs Twin Frozr III

Hello gents,

I have a slightly annoying situation ahead of me, hope you guys can shoot some advice. I just built a rig from Newegg parts, 2500K, Antec 300, 8GB Ram, 750 watt PSU, etc etc....and the GPU I ordered is the MSI 6950 2GB Twin Frozr III. As my luck would have it, the card has issues to put it lightly- drivers constantly crashing (yes I tried fixing those, using old ones, etc etc), had some help from a tech friend, he recommended just RMAing it back to Newegg. Now here is the situation, I could simply send it back for a replacement from NewEgg.....but Frys electronics megastore is like 20 minutes away, and they carry the 6950 Twin Frozr II! But not the III :) . Needless to say, I am impatient as hell to try this system out, and as a result tempted to drive down, buy the Twin Frozer II, and just send the III back at my leisure for a money refund.

The price difference is ten dollars, which doesn't matter to me.....so I ask, is there an appreciable performance difference? I have looked around for benchmarks, but honestly they say some conflicting things about the performance of both cards. I am playing on a 1920x1080 monitor, would obviously like to get the most performance at that resolution for any game.....oh and I do not plan to be doing any OCing.

Thanks a lot for any tips,

yes I know it is a somewhat banal question :)
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  1. Oh and one more thing, the chief difference between the two (aside from modified cooling design, which I gather won't do much of a diff for me) is that the III is core clocked at 850MHz, and the II at 810MHz.
  2. The only difference would be the core/mem clock, which would equate to a difference in performance. But with MSI you can use the afterburner tool and just overclock it simple as can be. The coolers look slightly different and am not sure if there would really be much difference in that avenue. They both look like solid dual fan coolers. So I wouldn't expect much difference.
  3. Thanks for the reply!

    To complicate the scenario, Frys has a PNy GTX 570 at 304 bucks (after rebate)....how does that sound?

    I really would like to avoid a card that sounds like a vaccum (or that gets so hot I will be worried about melting), but I think my fears may be slightly out of proportion.

    Thoughts on the 570?
  4. The GTX570 is a awesomely awesome card. I have a GTX580 and a 570 is basically the same with lower clocks and disabled cores. It is not loud at all and doesn't get any hotter than other highend cards.
  5. GTX 570 is better than a 6950, definately, but it loses to it when you compare 2x6950 with 2x570, it also runs a bit hotter, makes more noise and consumes more power, a lot more, with 6950 you could save over 20$ on power consumption, if i remember right, the TWIN FROZR III has a bit better cooler and has higher clock so it'd perform better than TWIN FROZR II, probably it's also a bit quieter
  6. ^^ a 900MHz OC on a GTX570 is pretty darn high. It's a 168MHz overclock from stock. I don't think I would attempt that on a stock card.
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