Building gaming PC - Need to know what mobo is better?

Currently building this new gaming PC.

I currently have the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 ATX LGA1155 Motherboard in my setup, but was wondering if the ASUS P8Z68-V is better since they're relatively the same price.

Pros and cons of each put together with my current setup is appreciated!
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  1. your ASRock board is based on a newer chipset, the ASrock one can do crossfire in 8x 8x bandwith, the asus one does 16x 4x, and the asrock one has a few more SATA ports

    they both have UEFI bioses... either way there pretty much the same, so keep your ASRock board :P
  2. I have the ASROCK Extreme4 and was thinking the same thing before I purchased. I am very happy with the ASROCK. It has a power switch on the motherboard and a LED light that shows errors and such built into the MB. I am very impressed with this board.

    Keep the ASROCK.
  3. The Asrock, for sure. Not only the above mentioned points, but if you ever add a 2nd card on the Asus, you will probably loose some of your SATA ports. A long card will cover just enough of them to make it impossible to plug in a cable.
    Also, the Asrock appears to have better quality solid capacitors.
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