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So I built my PC about a week ago and I installed Windows 7 on the HDD using a USB (used the Microsoft USB boot software), and it worked fine. It never let me select the USB as a boot option in the BIOS, but it just went straight to it. Now my SSD got here, so I'm trying to install Windows 7 on that so I can use that as the primary drive. Problem is, now that Windows is installed on the HDD, it doesn't revert to to USB since I can't select it as the first boot option. I don't want to have to unplug the HDD just to get it to recognize the USB, any other ideas? Its not a huge hassle to try that and see if it'd work, but I'd rather find a solution as to why it won't recognize the USB as opposed to just finding a way around it.
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  1. Is booting from USB enabled in BIOS?
  2. I don't even really see that anywhere as a separate option. I'll look through there again. But I thought it should just show up in storage.
  3. the problem is -> in your BIOS setup, while both drives are connected, it's configured to boot from your HDD first... then your USB second (not the 'boot sequence'.. but your 'HDD sequence'.. it should be right next to it in your 'boot menu')

    so change the order of your hard drives to USB first for the install... but beware - once you start the install - you have to be present after the 1st reboot, in order to reverse the sequence back to your HDD 1st, or it'll start the install process again..:)
  4. so to recap:

    - for the install, in your BIOS configure the HDD sequence for USB 1st, HDD 2nd
    - after 1st reboot go back to your BIOS and return the order back to HDD 1st
    - now it'll boot to the bootable HDD and finish the install from the USB like it were an optical..!
  5. (btw - it worked for you the first time - cause your HDD had no boot sector - so it skipped it and went to your USB:))
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