G.SKILL Sniper Low Voltage Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory
Item #:N82E16820231461
Return Policy: Memory Standard Return Policy

CORSAIR Professional Series HX850 (CMPSU-850HX) 850W Power Supply
Item #:N82E16817139011
Return Policy: Standard Return Policy

Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 3.5" SATA 6.0Gb/s Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive
Item #:N82E16822136533
Return Policy: Standard Return Policy

Noctua NH-D14 120mm & 140mm SSO CPU Cooler
Item #:N82E16835608018
Return Policy: Standard Return Policy
-$15.00 Instant

Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4GHz LGA 1155 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor
Item #:N82E16819115070
Return Policy: CPU Replacement Only Return Policy

Corsair Obsidian Series 650D (CC650DW-1) Black Computer Case With Side Panel Window
Item #:N82E16811139006
Return Policy: Standard Return Policy

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound
Item #:N82E16835100007
Return Policy: Consumable Item Refund Only Return Policy

HIS IceQ X Turbo X Radeon HD 6950 H695QNX2G2M Video Card with Eyefinity
Item #:N82E16814161381
Return Policy: VGA Standard Return Policy

OCZ Agility 3 AGT3-25SAT3-60G 2.5" MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
Item #: N82E16820227725
Return Policy: Limited Replacement Only Return Policy
ASUS P8Z68-V PRO ATX Intel Motherboard
Item #: N82E16813131730
Return Policy: Standard Return Policy

Grand Total: $1,966.87


what i wanted to do is buy 2 ssd's and put them in raid 0 have the os on there and the intel smart cache partitioned in there as well.... if possible ...
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  1. You don't need the extra RAM kit, if you were to get 16GB, buy it as a 16GB kit, but you don't need it. It would help to know what you intend to do with the computer, i.e. if you were editing video across 6 monitors then you probably would need 16GB of RAM. But other than that it all looks good to me.

    EDIT: You shouldn't have a problem booting off SSD in Raid 0 or keeping the smart cache there. Don't ask me how (I use one HDD QQ) but I remember reading from a reputable source about how to do it, so the info is out there.
  2. You should have a look at System Builder Marathon ( 2000 USD).
    Also from there switch out the GSkill Ram for Kingston Hyper Memory. They are cheaper.
    With that money you can buy an OS if you don't have one. The budget will remain around 2000 USD.

    If you like the Cosair Obsidian case rather than the Lian LI case. You can switch the BluRay Burner with a normal DVD Writer. With that money saved you can get the case
  3. Intel i5 2500k: 220$

    SAPPHIRE PURE Black P67: 230$

    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB): 75$

    MSI R6950 Twin Frozr II Radeon HD 6950 2GB: x3=840$

    Samung Spinpoint F3 1TB HDD: 60$

    Corsair Force Series 3 120GB: 210$

    IN WIN Ironclad: 120$

    PC Power and Cooling Silencer Mk II 950W: 150$

    CORSAIR CWCH60 Hydro Series H60: 70$

    ASUS 24X DVD Burner: 21$

    Total: 1996$
    this is my 2000$ build that i posted here-
    you can change the memory out for this since you cant use rebates in this competition-
    you can take advantage of the ssd rebate, and you may be able to fit this psu in. also switch out that cooler for this one it will cool the same for less $-
  4. RAM: Ok, if your going for 16GB of RAM, always buy a the 16GB kit. Compatibility is more easily achieved that way, even if they're the same model. For most everyday gamer, 8GB of RAM is plenty.

    PSU: Very good choice of PSU, as of late it's what i sue to build computers

    HDD: you don't need a magnetic drive on a SATAIII, not even a raptor maxes SATAII
    out. Caviar black are good, but Samung Spinpoint F3 would do the job.

    CPU Cooler: I would definitively go with either Xigmatek’s $30 Gaia SD1283 or the Cooler Master’s $40 Hyper 212+. Both will get you better cooling then the H60 or H70.

    CPU: 2600k is overkill for most gamers, especially since the HT is not really used by gamers. A 2500k overclocked is more than enough. (again depending on what you do)

    Thermal compound: Very good buy, a must for aftermarket cooling

    GPU: very good cards, but if you save with my recommended parts you could get 2x6970s

    SSD: the corsair SSDs have been having issues, so it would almost be a gamble. But the Force 3, Vertex 3, or the Agility all descent picks. No need for smart cache at all if your OS is on the SSD

    ~Next time make sure you tell us why you build your computer. I made the assumption you were an everyday gamer.
  5. so many questions huh king maliken

    OP: please fill this out for us-
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