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pcie, 1155, VGA/HDMI?

I'm trying to look for a board with all of the above properties and either atx or matx

if it matters the rest of my gaming comp will be:

I already have most of these parts but I'm having trouble finding a motherboard that suits my needs - at least in a good price range. (hoping to spend ~50 USD)
I need both VGA and HDMI because I want to use a VGA monitor before I upgrade to the one I have in the above build. (so I can use something while I save up for it)
I don't want to overclock, I don't need multiple monitors or hardrives, don't need sli, and It will never want an ivy bridge cpu inside so there is no need for that capabilty either. If I ever upgrade it will be either to Haswell or Broadwell.
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  1. Pretty much all LGA 1155 H61/H67/Z68/Z77/Z75/H77/B75 etc. etc. boards have what you asked for. Basically, almost the entire lineup of LGA 1155 boards. Also, why don't you want an Iv Bridge CPU?

    I recommend a B75 or H77 board for you. They all have VGA/HDMI/PCIe ports and lack overclocking. I'll look for a few specific boards to recommend real quick.
  2. NVM on H77 or B75. For ~$50, H61 is your only option.
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    This is as close to your budget as I could get without recommending a piece of crap board. It's $50 plus $5 in shipping for a total of $55 ($54.98, to be more exact) and it seems like a quality board, has quite a few ratings, and a fairly high average rating at that.
  4. blazorthon said:
    why don't you want an Iv Bridge CPU?

    Because I already have an I5, and I don't feel it's a big enough difference to upgrade.

    I'll check the Biostar out, but the reviews were what scared me actually... 18/64 are negative (3 stars or lower) But I suppose that might be better than the motherboard with zero reviews like I was considering.
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