AMD 6850 with seperate Nvidia physx?

I'm running an AMD 6850 graphics card, but I still have my old graphics card which is a 9800GT. Can I install the Nvidia card and use it as a physx card? If it's possible then do you think this is worth it?

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  1. Yes you can, but you need to install some special unofficial drivers to make it work. As far as should you do it? Do you run PX supported games?

    Make sure that your PSU will support powering both cards.
  2. Yes you can do that and if you play Physx enabled games it is worth it.
  3. Don't worry you can, but you need a special driver for that, but make sure that your PSU can handle it
  4. I have a 650W OCZ which is SLI ready with two PCIe power connectors. I wanted to see what it would be like with Metro 2033. What's this special driver you speak of? The official Nvidia ones not work?
  5. you can't run nVidia drivers with AMD cards
  6. Actually you don't need special drivers, all you need is a patch well a community patch created by hackers who are also gamers. This basically makes the Nvidia drivers play nice when an ati card is present instead of disabling cards ect. Just look it up for your self.
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