Asrock 970 extreme 4 - Mid tower or Full tower?

Wondering if I can fit the Asrock 970 extreme 4 into a Mid Tower case, if so, how do I know which ones are compatible.

When I upgraded motherboards, I couldn't fit the 970 into my old mid-tower, so I was forced to use a scrap full tower case, now I'm looking at more efficient and stylish cases and I'm not sure which way to go, especially since the mid-towers are much cheaper.

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  1. When you are buying your case, look at the specifications the vendor lists. It should list motherboard compatibility. The 970 Extreme4 is an ATX profile motherboard which is a standard gaming size motherboard. Most modern Mid-Tower cases will support it. Before you decide on one, just make sure it says it supports ATX in the specs.
  2. This is a link for a recent Tom's Hardware article reviewing 5 cases from $80 to $100.,3203.html
    What is your budget for the case? And what style of case do you want? E.G. LED, clean and professional, etc.
  3. I'm sorry, the link isn't working. what is the name of the case?
  4. SilverStone Precision Series SST-PS07W White Steel / Plastic MicroATX Mid Tower Computer Case

    Sorry about that.
  5. It just started working. No, it won't. That case only supports MiniATX, DTX, and MiniITX. On Newegg when searching cases, click on ATX Mid Tower on the left side bar. As far as I know, they all support ATX. Or you could click another size like ATX Mini Tower.
  6. Can this motherboard fit on Cooler Master Elite 311 Mid Tower Cabinet ?
  7. debanka said:
    Can this motherboard fit on Cooler Master Elite 311 Mid Tower Cabinet ?

    That MOBO fit perfectly into
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