Graphics card and best monitior resloution(HELP)

As the title states, i want to get the ati radeon HD 5670 graphics card, but am insure of a good monitor resolution in order to work the game well (sims 3). I went to display properties and saw screen resolution, but i seem to only have the following choices:

800 by 600
1024 by 768
1280 by 1024

Is this bad as i heard it can cause graphical problems when playing the game?

also, sorry if i posted this question in the worng place, but i was unsure were else to post.

thanks for the help
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  1. What processor do you have? When you are playing on lower resolutions games tend to strain your processor a bit more.
  2. M processor is a amd atholan II 245 dual-core processor
  3. You use the resolution that your monitor is, you don't choose what you want. lol

    If your monitors native resolution is 1280x1024, then that's what you use.
  4. Okay, thanks for the answer. It's just i am new to computers kind of and do not understand them to much. Sorry for stupid question.
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