Processor not heating up

sir currently my pcs cpu fan is running but the problem is that when i started the pcs the cpu fan run properly but the display dosen't come, when i check the solution of the problem i find the cpu processor dosen't heat it's so cold .

So what's the solution of this problem

or it's a problem of board or any other thing
if board so what can i do for this problem
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  1. gonna need some more information, like what cpu hsf gfx card power supply and motherboard, also do u hear any beeps when u turn on the pc? a cold cpu when turning on the pc is pretty much impossible unless the cpu is dead or the power running to the cpu from the motherboard is dead, are u sure there are no bent pins betweem the cpu and motherboard,
  2. The chip which reads the temps of your cpu might be damaged if i were you i would ring up my motherboard manufacturer
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