Can my PC run Mac OSX?

I really like the way Mac OSX feels, but I'm a straight up Windows user, because I am a gamer ( and, IMHO, I believe it to be better.) I just want to be able to dual boot for fun and for show off, but I want to know if my PC can handle it.

ASRock H61MLB Motherboard (Micro Atx)
Intel i3-2120 3.3Ghz
Gigabyte GTX550Ti 1GB Graphics
4GB Mushkin RAM
1TB Green Eco-Drive Western Digital
550W NZXT Tomahawk PSU

If I forgot anything, please let me know.

Thank you!

PS: I would be hoping to run the latest Mac OS.
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  1. yes you can, but its not going to be easy :P surf the web for some guides first to aid you on the way
  2. If you want to emulate OS X this might be useful:

    Then again if you want to install it completely do this:
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