Intel i7 820qm vs i7 2630

i currently have a laptop with intel i7 820qm in it.processor specs r 1.73ghz core and turbo upto 3.04ghz and 8mb cache.i checkd specs of i7 2630 and everything is less but still has higher benchmark ratings then 820qm. how significantly fast is it then 820qm and would i feel a difference if i upgrade to it.thanks
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  1. Generally speaking, Sandy Bridge CPU are about 10% - 12% faster than the older Clarkdale CPUs. Therefore, the i7 2630QM would be roughly equal to a 2.2GHz previous generation Core i7 CPU with Turbo Boost up to 3.19GHz.

    Unless you decide to turn off turbo boost, there generally should not be much difference in performance. A caveat would be that Turbo Boost is dependent on the temperature. If the current temp of the CPU is too high then it would automatically lower or turn off Turbo Boost. If the laptop is still too hot at stock speed, then the CPU will be underclocked to prevent damage.

    For most people, you only need to worry about temps when playing demanding games. For example, when testing Crysis 1 on my Lenovo IdeaPad Y470 with an i5-2410M, the CPU temps would reach up to 93C or 94C. It's lower than the 100C TjMax before the CPU starts to throttle, but that is too hot for my liking.
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