New Z68 i7 build, cooler clearance issue

I just received my new custom build using a Asus z68 V-Pro. i7 -2600k, and Kingston HyperX Blue RAM with a Scythe Mugen 3 cooler. They messed up and only installed 2 x 4GB sticks (I ordered 16GB), and it doesn't look like there is room under the coolers' fan to install another stick into that slot. Has anyone had trouble with this cooler covering the RAM slots?
I am going to send it back for them to take the cooler off and install, but I am concerned about the fan touching the ram, making noise etc, because even if it will fit, it looks like there will be no clearance.
Full Spec's Below

ANTEC, Performance One P183 V3 Black Mid-Tower Case, ATX,
CORSAIR, TX650 V2 Power Supply 650W, 80 PLUS® Bronze, 24-pin 0
ASUS, P8Z68-V PRO, LGA1155, Intel® Z68, DDR3-2200 (O.C.)
INTEL, Core™ i7-2600K Quad-Core 3.4GHz, HD Graphics 3000, LGA1155,
SCYTHE, Mugen 3 (SCMG-3000) CPU Cooler, Socket 1155/1156/1366/AM3/AM2,
ARCTIC SILVER, Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound, Polysynthetic Silver
KINGSTON, 8GB (2 x 4GB) HyperX Blu PC3-10600 DDR3 1333MHz CL9 1.5V SDRAM DIMM, Non-ECC 2
INTEL, 120GB 510 Series SSD, MLC, 450/210 MB/s, 2.5-Inch, SATA 6 Gb/s,
WESTERN DIGITAL, 2TB WD Caviar® Black™ (WD2002FAEX), SATA 6 Gb/s, 7200 RPM, 64MB Cache
SONY, AD-7261S Black 24x DVD±R/RW Dual-Layer Burner w/ Lightscribe, SATA,
KOUTECH, RCM630 All-in-One Card Reader, 3.5" Bay, USB 3.0 /2
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  1. Sounds as though they might have to change to a different cooler. Not the end of the world, just something to be aware of, and not get pissed at them about. After all, it's not their fault it wont fit (unless they suggested the combination of parts in the first place).
  2. I am not pissed that they didnt know the Mugen 3 would block a RAM slot or that RAM might not fit under it, but I am pissed after reviewing the spec 4 times with them, they still messed it up and only installed 8GB. Now I have to repack the system, have them pick it up, fix it and send it back.. Big hassle.
  3. I feel for you. But I'm sure you'll get it squared away.
  4. Thats what you get for having someone else build it for you :)
  5. Many of the larger HSFs overhang the first DIMM slot and prevent the use of the Max. RAM. The link below shows some of the issues with various large HSFs.

    There is typically 37mm clearance from the bottom of the heatsink to the lower fins on many of the latest HSFs. RAM taller than ~ 35mm is not going to clear the larger HSFs. The good news is you don't need top mounted heatsinks on DDR3 RAM because it does not run hot so you can use RAM without top mounted heatsinks.
  6. The cooler should not get in the way, but you will probably need to move the fan higher.

    Could you just tell them to send you the ram? It's not hard to put them in.
  7. Installing RAM doesnt bother me, its just that I do not want to have to remove and reinstall the cooler. The system is brand new, and before I do anything to jeopardize the warranty, I would prefer to let the professionals do it.
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    The fan can come off of the hsf separately so you don't have to take off the heatsink itself. They are simple fan clips, it's really easy.
  9. Ah ha, now that does sound much easier than I was envisioning. I will call the company tomorrow and make sure that its ok if I do it myself . I did not know the fan could be removed seperate from the heatsink, and I didnt want to mess with removing that big badboy. ThankS
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  11. I recieved the RAM, the custom builder talked me thru removing the fan, installing the RAM and reinstalling the Fan. To be honest, its pretty difficult to get the clips back on the fan to reattach it to the heatsink, as there is just not much room between the heatsink and the top of the case. I am sure this is so much easier to do before putting the motherboard into the case, but at least its done now.

    Thanks for the great info about the fan being removable from the heatsink, or I would not have ever tried.
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