Help a rookie find his systems weak point

I built this PC about 3 years ago. It was my first build and I must admit I feel lost when it comes to analyzing specs and determining if everything is running the way it is supposed to be. Here is a link to my cpu-z validation.

My PSU is an Antec 430 earthwatts. The ATI radeon 4200 is integrated on the motherboard. I want to upgrade my PC in order to start playing newer games. I am looking for where to start. What is my systems weakest point? Thanks
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    Yes, he has 4 gb of ram.

    I would recommend a a small ssd and a good $100 dollar graphics card.
    An Athlon II x4 620 is an okay cpu. Though, your integrated graphics are holding you back and will not allow you to play games.

    Your power supply should be able to handle these.

    Graphics - MSI AMD Radeon HF 6770 with free Dirt3 game

    SSD- This is an OCZ Vertex 2 40gb

    Price before rebates $200
    Price after rebates $180

    These will TOTALLY speed up your computer.
    If you want, add some ram, but these two things above will help you more.
  2. Thanks. These are exactly the type of answers I was looking for. I was worried that I would need to upgrade my PSU before I can add a graphics card. FWIW I don't have anything overclocked.
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