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I recently partly installed a belkin CD for a new router which in the end was not used. However now everytime I restart 'wireless zero configuration' stops and has to be switched on again. I then have to allow windows to configure wireless settings (twice, first time it turns off again) and then 'repair' the connection.

I have tried to find the software but there is no trace of it on my computer; possibly I uninstalled it.

When I go control panel/system/hardware/device manager/network adaptors it shows: 1394 net adaptor
Bluetooth LAN access server driver
Broadcom Intergrated controller
Dell wireless minicard

They all say they are working fine.

When I reboot in safe mode network reboot it connects automatically and using restore points did not work.


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  1. I think you might isolate it by pressing Ctrl Alt Del and looking at what applications are running. But it may be something embedded in the Registry and unless you experienced with Regedit this is best left alone.

    Try re-running the Belkin installation and see if there's an option to uninstall.
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